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E.A.T. provides Confidence For Its Buyers

We have partners in our production and supply chain to assist us taking products worldwide. We ensure the whole process is monitored to ensure that quality and sustainability are enforced by thousands of suppliers around the planet. From meat and chicken purchases to freight and logistics services, partners are monitored to ensure ethical, sustainable objectives. Labor and compliance aspects are evaluated in general and, if errors are identified with any partner, improvement plans are executed or, in serious cases, the cancellation of the contract with the supplier.

A global export and trading company delivering a comprehensive multi-product supply chain into Asia.

• Asia has massive demand for food resources.
• As a trusted supplier, we bring products from certified farms around the world into reliable supply lines to Asia, especially China.
• Welcome to the world of food commodity trading where we can fulfill your orders for chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and other food imports.
• If you want it in your shops, on your menu, or at your wholesale outlet, ask us.